Anonymous said: Life sucks right now. I really need to feel happy again but I don't know how.


awh babe, well here are a few things that i do when im upset, also im assuming you like troyler and youtubers, hope you feel better soon, i know that life can suck at times xx

1: read fluffy troyler fanfics 

2: read smutty troyler fanfics 

3: doodle over everything 

4: binge watch tyler 

5: binge watch youtubers 

6: eat lots of nutella 

7: eat your favourite food

8: watch a movie 

9: watch lots of movies 

10: binge watch your favourite tv show 

11: binge watch troyeboy

12: scroll through tumblr 

13: look at old troyler tweets

14: let it all out 

15: read ur favourite book(s)

16: jump on ur bed

17: listen to tons of music 

18: talk to anyone in the troyler fandom we all love you a hella lot 

19: watch the stars

20: listen to the cars passing 

21: dance 

22: sing anything you want and as loud as you want 

23: colour (i rlly like to colour)

24: blast trxye vv loudly 

25: scroll through ty’s tumblr

26: scroll through troyes tumblr 

27: go to youtube and watch fan vids of ur otp

28: come fangirl with me

29: set something on fire 

30: wait don’t that’s a bad idea

31: make a pillow fort 

32: snuggle into ur amazing pillow fort 

33: look at cute gifs 

34: just smile bc you deserve it 

& here are some cute gifs of youtubers that will hopefully make you smile :]


image   imageimage








i love you a lot and i hope that maybe you smiled? i hope you know that it will be okay :] <3 xx

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Hey there everyone!

*god this is totally cringe*

I finally did it! I finally made my first youtube video!
It really sucks ass but it would still mean ALOT to me if you checked it out! Remember constructive criticism is welcome because I’d LOVE to here your feedback! If you like it please like/comment/subscribe or do whatever you need to do so I know if people want me to make another video and who knows, there might even be one in the next week!

If you REALLY liked it it would be totally sick for you to share it around!
but if you didn’t like it then DON’T, don’t give into pressure hahaha.

I’m happy that I’ve finally done this though! after months of going “ooh maybe” then “nah” I built up the confidence! And if anyone else is like me and doesn’t know whether they should give it a go or not just do it, its tonnes of fun, I’m not even in this to get hundreds of subscribers but I’m just here to ‘create a conversation’ with a small amount of people which I’m sure you can do to!

Thank you all!  (✿◠‿◠)(✿◠‿◠)(✿◠‿◠)

I am so sorry.

Wow you guys are cute

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